The Company

Raghouse International is a texture innovation brand that focuses on crochet and knitwear for men and women. Our journey is a never ending song about love, courtship, and matchmaking something uniquely made to a unique customer.


We are a global brand whose mission is to provide distinctive, trendy, and wearable creations for our consumer "family" worldwide. We're redefining the image of crochet by providing soft, sexy, and sustainable luxurious fibers and by taking great care in the design and communication process.

Raghouse International continues to broaden consumer mindsets about crochet by steering away from traditional fiber fashions. We want our buyers to know that when they put on Raghouse International they put on a lifestyle that will make them feel confident, bold, and star-like! Through original and tested design, we create well made quality products never before seen.  

The Designer

My name is Renaissance Marie Austin and I am a knitwear/crochet fashion designer with an emphasis on crochet. I learned at the age of eight from my wonderful grandmother and with an abundance of fashion influence around the home, I doubled major in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing. However, it was in textiles class that I realized my true passion was for fiber and after doing a report on the history of knitting and crochet I made it my mission to be a part of changing the face of crochet. Since 1998, I've work consistently on my design aesthetic and have finally built a brand I truly love. I am an instructor and crochet guide at Guess? Inc.